Optima Manajemen Konstruksi
We have Strength and Capability to give the Best and most Professional Service.
Since 2013, we were born to bring new colors as one of the consultant in Indonesia’s construction world.

Born with a spirit to bring honesty and transparency, as well as a spirit for never stop learning,
Your project on the right hands
Optima is the name that describes our commitment, integrity and dedication to you, in which proven by satisfying service in doing coordination and construction project management.
Bringing a safe and secure feel for you is a challenge as well as our top priority, that`s why carefulness and focus in each of our performance is a must. Maintaining our trust and long term business is not easy, that`s why we will never stop upgrading our knowledge and technology in construction project control.
Optimum, Credibility, and Performance are the 3 main points that reflects our strength and capability to convince you that we really want to give the best and most professional service. We`re sure that we can give the best result for you.
In conclusion, it`s been such an honor for us to be your partner,
who could bring your dreams into reality.
Our working system is under the standard literature and our service start from planning, executing, monitoring or controlling phase until closing phase that leads us to good and complete PDCA process.
We understand that it`s not easy to implement an ideal standard system, that`s why we`re only focusing on the crucial area.
Generally, our position as CM (Contruction Management) will combine and coordinate with every party (Owner - Design Consultant - Contractor - Sub Contractor), resulting an easier way to know the problems that they`re facing and helping to give the best solution.

Furthermore, we can give the best to you
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